Barb Wills- Wearables

My work is all about Heat and Steam. Using  boiling pots and steaming dye baths , I take color out and put color into silk garments and scarves to the tunes of hard rock  or jazz played loudly.

I use 7th century Japanese techniques of Itajime and Shibori to create the patterns on my creations with each one being a surprise as it is untied and unwrapped while still steaming.


Another “hot” process uses men’s silk ties, cut apart and wrapped up to  transfer a design onto a white silk scarf by boiling in a pot of magic transfer liquids. These are a source of constant surprise.

Hiking in the forest provides me with natural materials to use for dyeing and objects found in creek beds or by the side of the road can find their way into a scarf or a garment design.


These Scarves and garments have to be seen to discover rose petals or a favorite flower petal, a favorite color, the sparkle of a metallic process or from the pattern of found objects, or maybe a  tie design that your dad used to wear.


An added bonus is that each one is the only one like it in the world – no mass production for me !!

Barb Willis Silk.jpg