Deanne Brewster- Ceramics

The magic of clay created a passion that has been with me since I made my first pot at an evening class in 1965. The sporadic pottery classes I was able to squeeze in during my working career, provided my balance and stress release. Having spent my career using my left-brain to solve computer systems challenges, I am now into a journey toward right brain artistic expression.


My primary focus is functional and decorative mid-fire stoneware, hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel or hand-built. I enjoy the rhythm of both techniques along with altering and piercing my work, and the integration of textures from nature. Exploration of various firing processes, including raku and saggar bring me delight and surprise due to the ever randomness of the results. 


Through traveling as well as hiking local trails with my dog, waves of new ideas for forms and textures come to life. I see no end to my artistic journey.

Deanne Brewster Les Femmes 78dpi.jpg