Debbie Thomas- Fauxbots

I’m addicted to junk. I can’t pass up an estate sale, rummage sale, overfilled dumpster, or a friend with a bag of cast-offs! Got any good junk? I bet I can make something out of it!

I am obsessed with Fauxbots—found object ‘robots’ that depict  people or animals.  While they are called robots, they actually don’t DO anything but bring a smile to your face.

My goal is to make each ‘bot’ have a charming and whimsical personality. This isn’t always easy when working with nuts, bolts, odd bits of machinery and kitchen tools, but it works when the shape of the object brings to mind a similar shape in nature.

Many people assume the ‘bots’ are welded together, but in fact I use lots of cold connections—rivets, screws, wire, plumbing connectors, and a bit of epoxy. It’s fun for me to introduce my little ‘friends’ and watch people try to analyze what the parts used to be.

I really love taking things that might have ended up in a landfill and giving them a new life. Some call it recycling, I call it fun!