Deb Salazar- Felting

Debra Salazar is an active Prescott,Arizona artist, who has been successful in many creative pursuits, from heirloom sewing, imaginative cake decorating , painting, to doll and toy making.  Sometimes the creative muse can have a very strange origin.


On a late night excursion into the forests of Prescott seeking inspiration, Debra came upon a strange greenish light.  As she slowly approached she became aware of this soft melodious voice that whispered "Think 3 dimensionally again" and then uttered the meaningful  statement she needed to start her in a new direction.   " Find a sheep" . 

Now some say that Debra was out way to late and happened upon a Seven Eleven ( the greenish light )  others are sure alien contact gave her that needed nudge back in the direction of sculpting. In either case it was a fateful move.


With research , practice and a lot of sheep wool Debra's creative  imagination has produced these wonderful , fanciful animals using a felting process with wire armature. But it is Debra's fun loving personality ( without alien assistance) that adds the unique  character to these engaging creations. It's hard not to smile when you hold one .  With their  whimsical smiles  you know they will be up to mischief or an adventure in no time.